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Sony’s Online Games

Some info has been leaked about Sony’s online games for purchase. Among the games is another Asteroids derivative, BlastFactor. It does full 1080p and uses the tilt-sensing features of the controller.

I don’t really have a problems with this game (it looks nice!) except for two things:

  1. It’s an Asteroids derivative.
    Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem. But because Microsoft’s big downloadable game (Geometry Wars) is also an Asteroids derivative, it looks like Sony is copying Microsoft. Can’t they come up with something different?
  2. The playspace shape.
    Why is it hexagonal? That doesn’t fit an HDTV very well. Nor does it fit a standard television very well either. What a waste of screen real estate! In this kind of game, one of the biggest problems is having room to maneuver. To artificially reduce that space, just for a gimmick, seems stupid. I have a widescreen display! Please use it! (The screenshot is actually a zoomed-in version. Actual gameplay has a hexagonal area in the middle, with wasted space on either side.)

Another very nice-looking (visually) game is Go Sudoku. I’ve only been exposed to Sudoku recently, and now it’s everywhere!

I think I might give this one a chance. Interestingly, it looks like it supports multiplayer. That means I have to think fast! I don’t know if I can do that!

On top of that there’s also Lemmings (which I used to play a lot on my PC), flOw (also in 1080p, and uses tilt), Swizzleblocks, Grip Shift, Crash Carnage Chaos, and Wheel of Fortune.

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