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Gamespot interviews Kaz Hirai

During Sony’s Gamer’s Day Gamespot managed to snatch a word with Sony Computer Entertainment America president Kaz Hirai. Particularly challenging obstacles in the run up to launch have been the network and getting the titles together, Kaz explains, I would probably add getting enough units to that too Kaz! When pushed though Kaz keeps his lips sealed on how many consoles will be delivered for launch, simply saying that whilst issues have been ironed out they are now focusing on having as many available production lines as possible. He also says that retailers and Sony will keep a close eye on demand after launch, the implication being how many 20GB and 60GB systems various stores get- something he later reveals is getting set by pre-order demand, and favours the 60GB model.

Kaz does not seem to bothered about Blu-ray production, believeing that there will be a quick turn-around- he also seems to feel that Sony’s previous experience with console launches will help ensure a steady flow of accessories. Again he implies the PS3 is great value and that the system will be around for a decade, the same as the PSOne and (he hopes) the PS2 (7 years and still the best-selling home console). Kaz reaffirms Sony’s commitment to future XMB updates (I’m hoping for voice messaging, codec updates and DVD upscaling), and that new hardware will possible, as required by certain games. Kaz also seems confident the PS3’s Blu-ray support will drive Hollywood to produce more Blu-ray movies. This interview is low on new details, but most interesting if you are pre-ordering in the states.