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Phil Harrison Talks PS3

Game Informer had a little chat with Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison after yesterday’s Sony Gamer’s Day event.

Here is what was revealed:

* If you have a USB hard drive full of music you can plug it in and transfer what you want onto your PS3 from day 1 but you can’t transfer movies or images just yet.

* You will be able to purchase movies & music from the PLAYSTATION Store to download onto your PS3 but not from day 1

* PS2 games won’t be available to download like PSone games due to the size but may be possible in the future

* Expect casual games, parlour games, family games etc to be available to download in the future

* PS3 games are region free but PS2 games aren’t. However, if PS2 games do make it to download they may be region free

* Expect to see the next-gen Eye Toy “early next year”

* Sony’s biggest rival this Nov is hardware supply and not rival consoles with less than 500,000 PS3s available at launch

Phil Harrison Talks PS3

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