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PS3 Launch Spending

It’s coming like a freight train. The PS3’s launch is November 17th, and all of us PS3 fans are taking stock of our finances and our gaming rooms, to determine what kind of changes might be required. So this post is just a little question to ask what you will all be getting on launch day, before launch day, and after launch day, all for the PS3. Cables? HDTV? Games? Movies? What?

Here’s what I will be getting.

PS3 (of course) $600
Resistance $60
NFS Carbon $60
Marvel Ultimate Alliance $60
CoD3 $60
3 controllers $150
The Transporter $30

I won’t need any additional cables because I already have both component video cables (for my PS2) and an HDMI/DVI cable (that I was going to use for my HD PVR but decided not to). I already have a nice HDTV and a good surround sound system (both of which could always use improvement, but that’s another story).

So that makes a grand total of $1020. Whew! Good thing I’ve been saving up for quite some time!

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