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PS3 NOT Linux Powered

Linux PenguinI’ve seen some people talk about how the PS3 is Linux powered. For example, in the link below the author says: “First off, we’re sure you’re already aware that it will be powered by Linux, for you to enjoy the internet world to the hilt. So obviously, it allows you to browse through the net. But that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. With individual user identities for browsing and online play, you’d simply have to select your profile, load up your personal preferences (bookmarks and individual friends lists included), and voila!

So let me clear something up for all of you. Linux will become available for the PlayStation 3 in the form of Yellow Dog Linux. This is official, and is on the Terra Soft Solutions website.

But Yellow Dog Linux is a separate thing, a separate operating system, from the PS3’s XMB-based OS. The PS3 will come with its own PS3 pre-installed, and it isn’t Yellow Dog Linux. That’s everything that’s been released up to now. Now, it may very well be true that the PS3’s OS might be based on Linux in some way, with the XMB GUI plastered on top. But we don’t know that. My guess is that the PS3’s OS is Sony’s own concoction, because that way they can run it as close to the metal as they want.

Just had to clear that up.

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