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Sony Still not Sure about Shipping

Usually when rumours like this come out, I just wait a couple days for the rumour to be rebuffed, and then I mention that the rumour is indeed false. That hasn’t happened with this one, so here I am, a couple days late, reporting that maybe North America won’t be seeing all those 400,000 units that Sony last promised.

Speaking to Bloomberg, SCEA co-chair Jack Tretton admitted that the launch figures, which some see as already relatively low, are not a given. “The honest answer is it’s more of a target,” he said. “Clearly we’ve had production issues.”

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound promising. They’ve only just started mass producing the PS3, and now we get news like this. Not a promising tidbit of information there. Ah well. I guess I’ll have to rest in the fact that I’m first on my PS3’s pre-order list, and hope that that’s enough to get me one.

Sony Uncertain of PS3 Shipment Targets

[Edit: See comments for clarification. I think I didn’t quite understand what Mr. Tretton was referring to.]