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DTS HD Master Audio from PS3

A reader, Mike, sent me an e-mail asking me the following:

I want to be able to hear dts-hd master audio when it becomes available, which I read from the dts website can be done through an a/v receiver which doesn’t have to support hdmi, which is great. So, what type of audio cable should I use for the best sound quality? I have a 7.1 a/v receiver, so I’m ready.

That’s a really good question, Mike. So far, Sony hasn’t given us the answer. There are several ways of getting DTS HD Master audio quality from a BD movie:

1) Digitally using the DTS HD Master bitstream, passed through an HDMI 1.3 connection. Your receiver must support HDMI 1.3 and DTS HD Master. This SHOULD work with the PS3, though nothing has been announced. (Unlike Dolby True HD, which is an announced supported PS3 format.) But there are currently no receivers or pre/processors that can do this. Though some will probably come to market next year (my guess is late next year).

2) Digital PCM. The player could conceivably convert the DTS HD Master digital stream to PCM 24/192 digital, and put that out over the optical output. The receiver must support this, and frankly, I have no idea which or how many receivers do. Sony has not said anything about whether or not they’ll do this.

3) Analog breakout cables. The player could convert the DTS HD Master signal to 7.1 (or 5.1, whatever) analog audio. But the player would then also have to have 8 (or 6) analog cables coming from the multi-out port just for audio. Sony has not said anything about whether or not they’ll do this.

Sorry I don’t have better answers, but Sony hasn’t provided any information about this. Maybe if any readers know something I don’t, they could share their info!