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GameDaily on Why PS3 Won’t Lose

GameDaily recently did an opinion piece on why the PS3 won’t lost the next-gen console war. Here’s the list:

  1. The Brand
    The PlayStation brand has defined console gaming for two generations now, and people just know PlayStation. They’ve sold over 100 million PSOne’s and 100 million PS2’s, after all.
  2. Microsoft (somewhat) Squandered its Lead
    I’m not sure I agree with this one. Sure it could have sold a little better, but I think it has done pretty well.
  3. Japan is Ripe for the Taking
    Microsoft has done very poorly in Japan. Only now with the release of Blue Dragon is interest in the 360 picking up. But when the PS3 launches on November 11th, Sony will take a huge leap in marketshare, just because the 360 has done so poorly.
  4. Blu-ray Will Matter (As a gaming format.)
    (Please don’t comment on this one here. We’ve hashed this one to death.)
  5. Free Online
    Personally, I like this one. I’m not big into online, but because it’s free I’ll be trying it out anyway. Who knows? I might get hooked.

Thoughts anyone? (Except for #4 – comments on this topic will be deleted. If you want to discuss BD, go to this PS3 BD thread.)

GameDaily BIZ: Opinion: Why Sony Won’t Lose the Next-Gen War