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PS3 Japanese launch system figures lowered

I would not like to be a Japanese PlayStation 3 seeker right now. It is almost as bad as being a European one! 😉

Japan’s number of PS3 units available on launch day (now less than 13 days away) has again fallen from 100,000 to 80,000. You can almost here the mad scramble of Japanese enthusiasts rushing to queue at their local stores! Simply put, getting a PS3 in Japan this Christmas is going to be insanely difficult. If you thought North America had it bad then you should really come visit the other main territories. Although even then there are signs that all is not running to plan in the US; an anonymous Best Buy employee, if they are to be believed, has informed Kotaku that as of yet (with less than 19 days until launch) they have no idea how many units they will get in stock, despite Wii information being finalised.

Maybe it is not so bad to be a European afterall… or at least until we have shortages whenever the PS3 launches here! 😥