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Early PS3 reviews positive

IGN commented that this weeks Famitsu reviewed Sega Golf Club, Resistance, Gundam and Ridge Racer 7. Netplay appears to be working well, and is lag free (no mention was made of the bandwith medium this was tested on however).

While Sega ended up with the short end of the stick review wise, Ridge Racer 7 scored the highest of all the titles. Go PS3.


Edit by Henning:

“duckroll” over at NeoGAF gives this rundown:

Sega Golf:

– Good tempo
– You can’t accurately determine where your shot will fall
– Doesn’t really look next-generation


– Camera sucks, but looks great
– Challenging for beginners
– Good amount of content
– Good controls


– Standard FPS gameplay
– Excellent netplay
– Very high standard of next-generation


– Excellent models of Mobile Suits
– Opinions on the game are divided because it relies heavily on accurate input
– The systems are problematic
– Great textures
– Tons of optional and unlockable content
– Overall it’s satisfying even though opinions are divided on it

Ridge Racer 7:

– Totally satisfactory
– The amount of content is totally satisfying
– The high quality of the graphics and sound are very pleasing