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PS3 Link Love - 01nov06

Here’s a video of some Call of Duty 3 online gameplay on the Xbox 360. Now, I know that this is a PS3 website, but the PS3 version of this game should look really similar to this.

CoD multiplayer video bombs

Here’s some more about CoD3. They talk to the devs about the game.

Ask about Call of Duty 3 multiplayer, devs answerAsk about Call of Duty 3 multiplayer, devs answer

Here’s a PDF document talking about Cell performance. I didn’t read every line, but it looks like they chose some benchmarks that they knew the Cell would do well at, and benchmarked those. The Cell comes out very well, of course. (That’s what happens when you pick and choose your benchmarks.)

Cell-Perf-Simple.pdf (application/pdf Object) (PDF)

And here’s some more about David Jaffe and Criminal Crackdown.

The Artist’s Way: Sgt. Jaffe’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

And actually, it’s not going to be called Criminal Crackdown anymore. The new name is “Calling All Cars”. Seriously!

Jaffe’s PS3 game renamed

Finally, here’s yet another preview of PS3’s Resistance: Fall of Man. They talk about four of the levels of the game, and eight of the weapons. There’s nothing really new here, but if you’re looking for yet another opinion, there you go. At any rate, it looks like it’ll be a fun game.

Resistance: Fall of Man Preview