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We get what we ask for:

Many of us on this site have said that Sony should have a more active online presence that Sony needs their own online personality similar to Major Nelson. Well it looks like Sony has listened. is a recent semi-official blog for the Playstation. Is this what we wanted? Is this helping to fix the backlash among the online community against Sony?

There has definitely been a lot more optimism and excitement about the Playstation in the past month. I believe this is mainly because Sony has been actively promoting near final builds of PS3 hardware and software and many people are positively surprised. This genuine excitement about tangible products has drowned out the naysayers whose voices had filled the news void of ealier months.

threespeech is great, but by now there is already plenty of optimism and excitement and official communication from Sony. More semi-official communication is still great however and this is definitely a site that I will be watching.

What do you guys think? Is this what we had asked for?