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Tony Hawk’s Project 8 gets its first review

The prognosis is not too good either.

Gamespot’s review, to be fair, is not entirely negative- there are some neat features in Tony Hawk’s Project 8- nail the trick sounds pretty good and they don’t have any major problems with Sixaxis, although they admit it probably is not going to be used that much. The PS3 version also has a slight graphical edge on the 360 version and slightly faster load times.

Unfortunately that’s where the positive comparisons end. The lack of an online mode in the PS3 version is rightly cited as a major flaw. The 360 version offers online leader boards and competition, absences that make the PS3 versions seem “flat”.

Both versions suffer from dodgy framerates, but it is worse on the PS3. Back to the positives though, the career mode is good and sounds well designed with a good balance on missions and only brief sections explaining the story. Like last year’s Wasteland Project 8 presents you with a seamless city, except this time it truly is seamless! No loading/tunnels at all.

I find it odd that this game got released a week before the PS3 launch when there were clearly so many things Neversoft could have and should have worked on.

Gamespot Review of Tony Hawk’s Project 8