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Game Delays

  • Sonic is delayed until mid-December. However, Sonic will have downloadable content on day one. I hope this is really a positive thing and not just part of the game that they will charge extra for.
  • Oblivion is delayed until Q1 2007
  • F.E.A.R is delayed until Q1 2007

After Tony Hawk and Genji both got disappointing reviews, this isn’t the best week for PS3 launch games. On the bright side:

For the final two months of 2006, we will get a really good taste, we will finally experience the hardware (either first hand or through others), blu-ray, some online distribution, and a limited selection of amazing content. Resistance still looks amazing and other titles like Untold Legends, Rainbox Six, and Call of Duty have good potential as well. That’s a lot to enjoy for two months.

But it will be in 2007 when we really get the full PS3 experience. There is a huge amount of PS3 content throughout the entire year. There’s a lot to look forward to and it’s all about start within the next week.