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PS3 meets Blu-ray

Easily one of the most controversial parts of the PS3 is its Blu-ray capability. A lot has been talked about Blu-ray’s gaming applications as Sony seeks to convince us that it will be useful. While this will continue to be the a debate hot-spot long into the PS3’s lifetime, the most obvious element of PS3’s Blu-ray capability is finally in the hands of users.

Thankfully, the news is good. Most reports suggest the PS3 is a highly competent Blu-ray player. CNET’s review makes it clear that the PS3’s playback is as good as Samsung’s far more expensive BD-P1000 and postings on the AVS forum suggest it could be better! Clearly the PS3 is more of a capable Blu-ray player than the PS2 was a DVD player. The only thing I would like to see added would be the ability to upscale DVDs.

This video from Gizmodo runs through how the player works on the PS3. The movie demoed is Kung Fu Hustle, (which I wholeheartedly recommend by the way). The set-up for the OSD is like a more detailed version of what you would find on a PS2, whilst functional though, a full remote would be better! The functionality on the discs is the same for both PS3 and stand alone Blu-ray players too! Good stuff, eh?

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