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Untold legends Launch Trailer HD

Untolds Legends: Dark Kingdom. THE next generation gaming experience!

That’s how the trailer linked below ends. It’s an introductory trailer to the game, and shows lots of cinematics and a little gameplay. I’m not so sure the game will live up to its billing, however. The animations look stilted. The environments are boring. The graphics are blah.

The crazy thing is that I want to like this game. I’m still playing the Champions of Norrath series of games with my friends, so I like the genre. But this game just doesn’t look to fulfill my next-gen RPG cravings. I think that I’ll get Marvel: Untold Legends instead. It’s not the same kind of experience, I know. But at least that game looks next-gen.


I think that I will still rent this game. Because this game might end up being good after all. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and all that. So yeah, I’m still willing to give this game a try, and I might end up buying it. I’m keeping just a little hope alive!

Untold legends Launch Trailer HD