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PS3 Manhattan Mania

CNET has a few pictures of some people camping out for PS3’s in Manhatten. Those crazy guys! I guess we all show our enthusiasm for the PS3 in different ways. Me, I create this site and along with a couple other people talk about the PS3. I’ve been doing it since March of 2005.

Other people wait outside in the cold for days before launch. That’s something I refuse to do. I’m getting older and wiser, and while I am looking forward to owning a PS3, camping is where I draw the line. I just don’t have the time or inclination to camp out for a PS3. If I don’t get one on Friday, I know I’ll get one eventually. (The sooner the better of course.) My bones are just too old for it. And besides, I have a family, mortgage, and a job. Those kind of get in the way.

I’m not saying those people waiting in line are idiots or anything like that. It’s a free world, and they can do what they want. Hmmm. Makes me kind of wonder. Are any of you going to camp out?

Photos: PS3 mania in Manhattan