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Top 10 Titles for Q1 2007

For launch, I’m definitely excited about Resistance. And there are one or two other PS3 titles that I’m keeping my eye on. But overall, the PS3 launch lineup is still a little light (PS2 is having a great season though!).

But looking to next quarter: wow! There is a lot of really good content right around the corner. Here are my personal top picks for Q1 2007 in alphabetical order:

  1. Burnout 5
  2. The Darkness
  3. Haze
  4. Heavenly Sword
  5. Lair
  6. Mercenaries 2
  7. MotorStorm
  8. SingStar
  9. Virtua Fighter 5
  10. Warhawk

I’ve known about all these titles, but is anyone else surprised to hear so much scheduled so soon? To be honest, despite the fact that these are all listed for Q1 2007 releases on IGN, game companies are notorious for missing these dates. I’ll be happy if three or four of these games actually ship in Q1 which is probably a more reasonable and likely outcome.

There are also a lot of other titles that I left off the top 10. Some games like Alone in the Dark and Strangehold and Eye Of Judgement are hard to judge: they look like they might turn out to be amazing and they might completely miss the mark.

Anyway, if you aren’t able to get a PS3 until after the new year, this is one less reason to worry about it.

What does everyone think of the Q1 lineup? I left off a lot of titles; anyone have different picks?

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