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I Have my PS3!

I am currently downloading the MotorStorm demo (456MB) so while I had a moment I thought I’d go online.

I got to my Toys ‘R’ Us store at about 8:15 this morning, and it was a ghost town. I had no problems getting my PS3, there was only one other person there. I think that they didn’t have any PS3’s for the general public – just for preorders. But I’m just guessing. I picked up Resistance (the last one), Call of Duty 3, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I was required to buy a second controller, which was fine, and I actually wanted to buy an additional two, but they didn’t have enough for that. And they didn’t have any memory card adapters either. So after purchasing my PS3, 3 games, and extra controller, I went to Best Buy which was very close by. They didn’t have a memory card adapter either (and neither did Future Shop right next door). Doh! But I did pick up two extra controllers and The Transporter on BD. So now I own The Terminator, The Transporter, MI3, and Talladega Nights on BD. The last one came free with my PS3.

Speaking of which, I would take a picture of my PS3 and post it, except my wife took the digital camera for the weekend. (Along with the kids, so I can’t complain.) I have a new cellphone with a camera (my first ever cellphone), so maybe I can figure something out.

Oop, MotorStorm just finished downloading (that didn’t take long – 11 minutes). Now it’s installing.

Anyway, the first thing I did was apply the update, which I had saved on my PSP’s MemoryStick. I downloaded it from onto my PC, then used my PC to transfer it to the \ps3\update folder on my MemoryStick (I had to create those folders). I stuck in in my PS3. (Ooop, install is done. I guess I’ll finish typing this up first!) When I chose system update, I was given the choice of going online or using local storage. I did the latter, and the PS3 found the update, copied it from the MemoryStick, and applied it. No problems whatsoever.

I created an account. I am now Blackstaffer! (If you read the books by L.E. Modessit Jr., you’ll know what that is.) So look me up online.

While I had my MemoryStick in the PS3, I checked out the photos, which was cool. I played the videos just fine.

Then I tried Resistance: Fall of Man. Sure enough, I got that 720p problem. I had configured my PS3 to put out 1080i. That’s a bad idea. So I went back to the system settings, made my PS3 put out 720p, went back to Resistance, and all was fine. I’m lucky my TV accepts and scales 720p. I played Resistance for a bit, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m just in try-out mode now, though, so I haven’t spent a lot of time there. I did go online quickly to see what was going on, and found three games that I could join (unranked).

Then I tried M:UA for just a bit, and I think it’s a cool game. Except for the camera. It’s too jerky, and quite annoying at times.

Then I tried the webbrowser. A disappointment, there. The first website I visited, of course, was, and it looked like crap. Everything was all placed wrong, images weren’t scaled properly, etc. Yuck. I hope they fix this up.

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get a pic for you guys soon.

Any questions? I’ll be checking in again in a few hours. I’m going to go try the MotorStorm demo, eat lunch, and then try some BD movies.

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