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Playing Resistance Online

Last night I finally got up the nerve for play Resistance online with my shiny new PS3. I get slaughtered regularly when playing CoD2 at work, so I was afraid I just wouldn’t be able to keep up. I didn’t have to worry.

This was my first-ever online FPS experience, and it was crazy! First thing I did was shoot at some people on my own team, because I didn’t know they weren’t the bad guys. (Alien = bad guy, right? Nope.) Same problem happened during the next round when we switched sides and I didn’t realize I was a human. So I played 10 minutes as an alien, then 10 minutes as a human. Team deathmatch. Man it was amazing how fast those 10 minutes passed by.

The action was so fast-paced I didn’t bother too much with grenades or alternate weapons. I found myself dying A LOT. I like the medal system. I got a medal for a stealth kill. A medal for a melee attack. (Those are the ultimate!) One for 3 kills in a row. Etc.

I didn’t do so well at the first game I played. I’m trying to remember. Out of 40 people (!!!) I placed something like 27th. In the second game I placed 9th out of 40 – I was proud of that. But I died a lot. The person who placed 8th had 70 – 80 deaths (or so) and I had 104. You get placed according to the number of points you received. You get 10 points for a kill and 2 points for an assist. That was neat.

It was also great fun to find someone I know playing in the same arena as I was. The game tells you who killed you. On one of my many deaths, it told me my killer was xBerserker! Cool. He killed me a lot!

I want a headset more than ever. It’s weird to have 19 teammates but I couldn’t hear a peep. Now I just need to find a good BlueTooth headset.

I also played Resistance 3-player local on Friday night. That was fun too. The maps are adjustable. You can select an 8 person version of a map, or a 16 person, 32 person, or 40 person. (I think I got those right…) Depending on which one you choose, certain areas may or may not be blocked off. It’s great if you only have a few people to play with.

Overall, I’m quite impressed. I think I’ll play this game online some more. But tonight I plan to take Call of Duty 3 online! Woo hoo!