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A few things that may have slipped past you about the PS3

A few sites have run “things you didn’t know about the PS3″s so I thought it made sense to add one on to our blog.


  • The 360 is not the only console with a removable faceplate- the upper part of the PS3 can be lifted off and it’s only a matter of time until a devious manufacturer offers a funky replacement. Whether or not this supposed to be possible though is a matter of some debate.
  • The console has buttons… that aren’t buttons. Push the power and eject buttons and prepare yourself for no tactile feedback whatsoever. Sleek. The downside of this of course is that it becomes a lot easier to contaminate your ‘piano black’ console with fingerprints.
  • HDD partitioning for Linux is, thankfully, a piece of cake.
  • Despite peoples rightful moaning that friends list integration isn’t all it should be, the actual friends list itself is very easy to use and navigate. It is easy to use and customise.
  • The PS3 has a dictionary. When using a cellphone your phone will try and predict what you are saying and the PS3 adds this feature to make joypad-based messages that little bit easier.
  • Linux. Possibly the biggest “secret” of the PS3. Journalists haven’t really addressed just what this has the potential to offer PS3 users- it merely requires someone to set out instructions on the internet, a few downloads and then your PS3 can gain a chunk more functionality.
  • Easy HDD swapping. No proprietaries devices for you here.
  • Virtual memory cards. Makes PSOne and PS2 gaming easy.
  • The sounds of silence when the PS3 is in use.
  • Blu-ray and SACDs do not work through remote playback on PSP.
  • Up to seven Bluetooth devices can be connected at one time (eg. 4 controllers and 3 headsets, or just 7 controllers, or 4 controllers, a headset, a mouse and a keyboard, etc…).
  • Contrary to popular pre-launch speculation, demos are free in the store.
  • Gamebrink