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More R:FoM Online

Last night after trying CoD3 online I went back to playing Resistance.

First off I played a team deathmatch game in The Mall. That was an interesting level – it was just a two level part of a mall, but I liked it. But there were too many players for the size of the level. It was just crazy. I tried my new headset (more in another article), but that didn’t work out so well. Other people in the game had their TV’s turned up too high (maybe I did too, I don’t know) and it was hard to understand what people were saying. One guys coughed every 8 seconds. So finally I gave up on the headset. But I’ll try it again.

Then I played capture the flag. I forget the level name, but it had a bunch of arial platforms between trees in a valley. On either side were two villages. That was fun, but it took a long time to complete. It was an untimed game where the first team to 5 flag captures won. (We won.) But it was hard slogging. The other team learned how effective the flame grenades were, and I burned to death a lot.

But it was a lot of fun (xBerserker even joined at the end), except for one thing. One guy on our team was just hanging out near our spawn point, killing his own team members (us!). The dude’s handle was something like MiaFins90 (not sure about the number). So when I figured out what was going on, I made sure to try to kill him every time I saw him. He killed me too, but I think I killed him more. Others started to figure it out too, and eventually MiaFins90 (idiot) left the game. The world is full of stupid people, so I won’t let this get me down. R:FoM is still a blast to play.