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PS3 backwards compatibility list

SCEA have created an official backwards compatibility list for North America. You can now type in the name of your games and not have to guess/run through Bablefish to find out whether or not they work! It’s worth noting that different versions of the same title can work. Gran Turismo 4 has problems, but the Greatest Hits version is fine. It is also astonishing the amount of depth that the guide goes into for what are apparently minor issues, for example, with Final Fantasy VII the description runs:

On Disc 1, when the first battle begins at the Mako Reactor, a flashing black square appears around the user’s character pointer.

Anyway, Kudos to Sony for actually giving a damn about B/C and making the issues clear. Whilst it is a North American list I couldn’t resist running some of my European titles through the checklist. I discovered that of my catalogue of games, only two bad enough to be completely unplayable, whilst others suffer some minor issues.

How about you guys?

Sony Computer Entertainment America