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Weekly PS3 Shipments Coming

Kaz talks in this videocast about upcoming weekly PS3 shipments. (Right near the end, at the 2:07 mark.) He says that Sony plans to have upward of 1 million PS3 in the North American market by the end of 2006.

Word has also recently come out that it costs Sony something like $840 per console to create. That means that Sony is eating about $250 per console. (Okay, so I rounded it slightly to make my next point. Stick with me.)

Nintendo plans to have about twice that number in North America, and they’re selling it for that same $250. (See the connection? I know, stick to my day job.) And they’re making a profit on each Wii they sell!

So my question is: will this be a problem for Sony? And I don’t specifically mean the Wii. I just mean the cost of the PS3, and the number being sold. Sony’s taking a loss on each PS3, and Sony isn’t gaining marketshare at the same rate as its competitors. Will this be a big problem for Sony? Can they overcome?

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