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1up analyses PS3 and xbox360 graphics

To be honest, I am surprised this took so long!

Need for Speed Carbon: 360 and PS3

As many reviews have suggested, the first batch of PS3 games are under performers when compared to their xbox360 incarnations. For anybody who has been paying attention to the games industry over the past six months, this won’t be a surprise. 1up argues though, that by following Sony’s PR trail over the last year and a half, Sony proclaimed that the next-gen did not start until the PS3 appeared. So why is there no difference? The article doesn’t seem to have much of a point other to highlight Sony’s “foot-in-mouth” syndrome, but the images and videos make interesting viewing, even if they do little more than highlight just how similar the games look.

Notable improvements can be found in Ridge Racer 7 (but to be fair this is pretty much Ridge Racer 6 with an extra year of development), Fight Night Round 3 (again, an xbox360 game with 6 months extra development), Full Auto 2 (again, think Full Auto + one year development), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (the PS3 version looks slightly cleaner) and Blazing Angels (another 360 port with 9 months extra development time).

For all this article shows though, these are still launch games. I expect that, in the same way that 360 titles from this year are much better looking than last year, PS3 titles next year will blow us away. Think back to the very poor Ridge Racer V that launched with PS2 and expect PS3 titles to develop along similar lines as developers harness the machine more efficiently. The first of game to show this off, in my opinion, should be Motorstorm (now delayed in Japan until 15 December).

1up- What the Cell is going on?