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More Resistance Multiplay3r

Last night my friends and I played Resistance on my new PS3. I still like hearing those words. My new PS3. Not to gloat or anything. 😉 (I noticed when loading up my game that my PS3 hardly collects any dust. I wonder what people are complaining about.)

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Anyway, Resistance is a great game, but it’s not perfect. Here are a couple problems when playing multiplayer:

  1. Players can’t set their own names. I’d much rather kill Steve than Player 3. And when Player 1 kills me, I always have to ask who it is because I have a terrible memory. This lack of naming is really annoying. I complained about this when playing GRAW, and now I complain about it when playing Resistance. The only difference is, I was wrong about GRAW – we just hadn’t figured out how to do it.
  2. When setting up a player characters, each player should hit Ready, and when everyone is ready, the game should start. Not so. What happens instead is that anybody can start the game, even when other players aren’t prepared.
  3. You can’t choose Chimera when playing Deathmatch.
  4. Selecting which control scheme to use is confusing. What does “Assassin” mean, anyway?

I hope that Insomniac fixes these things, though I’m not holding out much hope.