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GTHD Canned

Well at least in its expected form.

GTHD concept

Instead Polyphony Digital are going to work towards GT5 and release a collection of downloadable GTHD Concept editions. These are going to basically offer free demo snippets of GT5; the first one is scheduled for December 24 and will offer what is basically a graphical demonstration of what to expect from GT5. There will be one course with two routes and 10 cars available, it will also offer online leadership boards. By the sounds of it you should be expecting the Eiger Nordwand demo that journalists have had access to since TGS. A future download will offer a next generation driving engine, but as of yet there is no schedule for releases.

I’m fairly disappointed with this news- I had been quite looking forward to GTHD’s online play and the idea of taking on more than 6 other competitors sounded like a major improvement, although hopefully this is news is a response to the disappointment that greeted the microtransaction information. The worst part of the news though it that, apart from these demos we’ll probably have a very long wait until GT5 is definitively available.

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