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Resistance Ranked Play, Talk

Last night I played some more unranked Resistance on my PS3. The Deathmatch game I played was on the USS Whatever. It was nuts! You literally die every 10 seconds. But it was still a lot of fun. The CtF game I played was rather lobsided, with 10 Chimeran against 6 of us humans. Like I said before in my CoD3 post, people don’t like to play fair.

So my question is: how does ranked play work? You ask to be part of a ranked game, and the system arbitrarily places you in a game? In a game type of your choosing? Or any game of your choosing?

Yesterday I bought an EyeToy camera for $20. It was so cheap, I couldn’t resist. Did you know that it includes a mic? So I tried it on Resistance, but that didn’t work so well. My EyeToy was placed on top of my speaker. Not a good thing for chat! But I’m wondering. When you want to chat, do you hold down the L3 button? Or do you click it once to start talking, then click it again to end talking? Inquiring minds want to know. I betcha xBerserker knows…