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PS3 to get 1080p/24

The PS3 does not currently support 1080p/24. That means that it does not put out 24 frames per second of 1080p resolution. This is something relevant to Blu-ray movies, which are encoded at 24 FPS. The PS3 does, however, support 1080p/60. It creates the 1080p/60 signal from the 1080p/24 signal. It would be nice for the PS3 to put out 1080p/24 because some displays can take that signal and display it at 48 FPS (doubling) or 72 FPS (tripling). That’s a lot easier to do with a 24 FPS signal.

According to a translated interview with some PS3 folks, Sony is working on giving the PS3 1080p/24 output. The report also suggests that the PS3 might gain the ability to upscale DVD’s to HD resolutions – something people have been complaining about.

Unfortunately, this is something like third-hand. So we don’t know when this is coming, or even if this information is accurate. But I hope it is, as an HD nut. Because I want the PS3 to do a great job of HD-ing itself.

PS3 to get upscaled DVDs, 1080p/24