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NPD Reports November PS3 Sales of 197K

I was hoping that the early reports were wrong and PS3 shipments were close to Sony’s target of 400K. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that happened. NPD reports 197K PS3 sales in North America for the month of November.

NPD System Sales Data for the Month of November in North America

System Name NPD Units Sold.
PS3 197,000
PSP 412,000
Wii 476,000
Xbox 360 511,000
GBA 641,000
PS2 664,000
DS 918,000

It is worth noting that there is typically a discrepancy between NPD’s numbers and the official numbers reported by either Microsoft or Sony. I don’t understand the source of this discrepancy, but it’s important to take into consideration when comparing numbers.

For example, NPD reported that the Xbox 360 sold 607,343 units in North America in 2005 while Microsoft reported 900,000 units sold for the same geography and time period.

It’s disappointing to see PS3 missing targets yet again. It makes the two million North America/Japan year end target look very unlikely.

On the bright side, these supply issues will be completely resolved in the coming months, and these initial shortages will be easily forgotten.

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