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PS3blog to meet Sony’s Phil Harrison

Some of you may have noticed that threespeech has been advertising a forthcoming night in London whereby bloggers can come down and meet Sony’s Phil Harrison and test drive the PS3.

Well I’ve managed to score myself an invite! Myself and Henning have concocted a few questions for Phil and if any of you have further suggestions I’d be pleased to read them and, given the opportunity, ask them!

Let me know in the comments section. You’ve got until Tuesday 12 December (the day of the event)!

So far we have:

  • I understand the XMB has 64MB available for use at all times. Will a future update make it possible to:
    Bring up the XMB during game?
    Allow for system-wide support for chat like you find on the xbox360?
    Permit your own constant in-game soundtracks, again a feature available on the 360?
  • Will the PS3 at some stage be able to recognise other network devices? For example- if you have a large library of songs on your PC, will the PS3 be able to access them at some stage?
  • Aside Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Lair and Warhawk which SCE titles can we look forward to? Do you have any new IPs in the pipeline to rival Gears of War? When will we see them?
  • Why are you making fewer exclusive deals with publishers than Microsoft?
  • When can we definitively expect to see more Killzone footage?
  • Is there a solid European launch date yet? What is it? Will it be moved again? How much are we going to be paying?
  • When is Sony next going to show off its PS3 titles following the demise of E3?
  • Is Sony considering making software developers include chat? Why not?

I don’t expect solid answers for the above questions, but lets see what he says!