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Advantages of HDMI

  • Higher color bit depth. HDMI 1.3 supports 48-bit color depth. DVI supports only 24-bit (VGA, S-Video, and component signals are analog so this measure doesn’t apply). This higher color bit depth allows for smoother color gradations without unwanted color banding.
  • Both YCbCr and RGB color space support. The YCbCr color space is better for transporting decompressed video data such as that from a DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD disc or from a DVR or digital television service. RGB is better for transporting raw computer generated video from a computer or game console. VGA and DVI are RGB only. S-Video and component are YPbPr only (the analog version of YCbCr). HDMI can transport both and switch between the two to provide the ideal transport depending on what you are displaying.
  • Digital Video Transport. DVI is digital as well, but S-Video and Component are both analog transports. The source for all game or movie content is digital, so a digital transport preserves more data on the way to the display. Fixed resolution displays such as LCDs must otherwise convert an incoming analog signal back to digital, so a digital transport provides more benefit on such devices since it eliminates a complete lossy conversion from digital to analog and back to digital.
  • Display Interrogation. The video source can interrogate the capabilities of the display. This can assist in automatic configuration and synchronization.
  • Hi-def multi-channel Audio: Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DSD, and DTS-HD. This is the best that Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and SACD/DVD-Audio have to offer. This hi-res audio content can also be transmitted over multi-channel analog output but not over toslink optical or coax digital connections.
  • Integrated Video and Audio on the same cable.

The disadvantage is that since PS3 is the first HDMI 1.3 device, compatibility problems are a worrisome possibility.

1080p and copy-protection related functionality have already been talked to death, so I avoided those.

Can any hi-fi buffs, find any further omissions or corrections? Henning?