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Ted Price talks Post-Launch Resistance talked to Insomniac CEO Ted Price about Resistance, following the launch of the PS3. We’ve heard most of this before, but there are some small little tidbits that are new.

First off, there’s confirmation that Resistance takes 16GB.

GP: Speaking of giant generational leaps, does Resistance really use 22GB on a Blu-ray disc?

Price: No, it doesn’t. We actually cut back to 16GB. We have a lot of data to create those levels, those assets are so much more complex than anything we’ve been able to build in the past. All those assets take up space. You’ve got a lot more maps per character, characters that use significantly more polygons than previous characters. Ratchet had 20-30 animations per character and in Resistance we have 300-400 animations for some of our characters.

Sound has also gotten much bigger, and it’s also higher fidelity [and] in 7.1. HD video takes a lot of space as well. So the list kind of just goes on and on. Basically, as a developer, it’s great to have a storage medium like the Blu-ray because it’s room for us to continue to grow.

Then there’s some interesting talk about how this game could fit on a DVD.

GP: What kind of slashes would you have to do to squeeze a game like Resistance onto a standard DVD?

Price: [Laughs] We couldn’t. The game, as built, would simply not fit. We would have to take out entire levels of the game and that’s just not cool. The game doesn’t work if you don’t have all the levels. We built the gameplay around the story and removing a couple levels means the story falls apart and there’s no reason to play the game.

Strangley enough, even though this game is really really good, I find myself playing CoD3 online more than Resistance. Resistance just seems to be plain mayhem, while CoD3 give you a chance to think about what you want to do before you get killed. 🙂

Q&A: Insomniac CEO Ted Price talks Resistance