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Resistance Capture the Flag

I was having so much fun playing capture the flag in CoD3 on my PS3 that I thought I’d give it another try in Resistance last night. I mostly played defence, and received several “Defender” merrit badges that way. I got a 5-kill in a row one as well. And a couple for killing someone taking your flag. It’s very satisfying to see those badges come on-screen. It is extra-satisfying to kill someone with your flag.

It took me a moment to get oriented in the game, because I’d never fought a human versus human battle before. So when someone started shooting at me for no apparent reason I thought he was a team-mate killer. Also, it took me a while to figure out how people were running so fast. Tap the L2 button quickly folks, tap the L2!

The game was set up so that the only weapons (besides grenades) were the machine gun, the rocket launcher, and the shotgun. I think that was a pretty good choice. I didn’t miss the other weapons at all. But the game was also set up to do 6 rounds of capture the flag, which was way too long. I had to quit after the fourth round (I think) to get some sleep. I hope my stats weren’t lost, because I put a lot of effort into that game, which simply went too long! Looking at my stats page now, I think they were kept, which is good. I don’t remember what I did previously in CtF.

I tried using the headset again, but there was just some kid, must have been 8 years old or so, asking around for his buddy, and then chatting a lot. I don’t know why I bother. The good news, though, is that this time I didn’t need to re-pair my headset to get it to work. Yay!

One last thing. Near the end of the game the matches were getting quite uneven. The blue team had 10 players to our orange team’s 5. Not exactly an even fight. In the end, the enemy won the last round with a score of 5-4. I actually managed to secure the blue flag near the end of the game, and got more than halfway back to home base, but then got killed. If I had scored, we would have won. Grrrrr…..

My CtF kill ratio is over 1.0! 1.059 to be exact. That’s a big achievement for me, believe it or not.

I don’t know why the teams were so uneven. The system matches the team for you. That was my only real complaint, and I plan to play CtF again. One day I’ll even get up the nerve to play something like Breach.