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I’m Going to Buy a 360!!!

Well, that’s what I should do because the PS3 is doomed after it lost Virtua Fighter 5 from being a ‘full’ exclusive to just a timed exclusive, with it also appearing on the 360 sometime summer 2007 after PS3 owners get it Feb/March 2007.

This follows Fatal Inertia, Bladestorm and apparantley Armoured Core 4 (if I remember correctly) going multi-platform. So I’ve decided that I no longer want a PS3 due to the aforementioned massive franchises now being available on the 360, possibly after they appear on the PS3 first. Oh yeah, they are still coming to the PS3 in-case that bit of info got lost somewhere on the way.

OK so I’m not actually going to get a 360, but I’m annoyed by people over-exaggerating how much these titles will damage the PS3 & Sony now that they are no longer exclusives to the PS3.

The Bigger Picture

Look at the bigger picture for a moment. The ‘big’ 3rd party franchises that are ‘exclusives’ (for the moment anyway 😉 ) are a big reason why I’m waiting for a PS3. Games like DMC4, MGS4, FFXIII and Lair are important to me but they aren’t the only reasons why I’m waiting for a PS3 rather than going out and buying a 360 or Wii (don’t get me started on the Wii!).

I simply believe the PS3 offers better value for money than both the 360 and Wii. If you pay the top price $600 for the 60GB PS3 you get the 60GB HDD, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, 4 USB slots, HDMI output and a Blu-ray player (important because PS3 games come on BD never-mind the fact you can watch BD movies without buying an add on) and you can plug in MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash. All for $599 and without buying add-ons or paying extra just to have these options.

If you don’t want some of the above features and think $599 is too much then you can go for the $499 20GB PS3 which is the same as the above but with a 20GB HDD, no WiFi and no MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash slots. But nobody seems to take the 20GB PS3’s existence into consideration when they whine about the PS3’s price and compare it with the Wii/360. The 20GB PS3 is still better value for money over both rival consoles.

Your Inner Voice

Anyway, my point is that although 3rd party exclusives are important, they shouldn’t be the sole reason why you want to own a console. This generation will see more 3rd party games going multi-platform than the previous gen simply because more money can be made going that route. Also, take into consideration 3rd party ‘exclusives’, 1st party titles, value for money and what you get in the box, and make the decision with your head as to what your console of choice is going to be, not based on peer pressure or negative media spin.

Sony, for me, still has the best selection of 3rd and 1st party titles in development, regardless of the fact some of the former are no longer exclusives to the PS3. Add in the value for money side of things and no matter which games become multi-platform, I’ll still be getting a PS3 at the first possible opportunity.

Is the PS3 doomed to failure? Hell no! It may not be the overwhelming success that the PS2 was but there’s no doubt I will have countless hours of gaming fun with the 5KG black box sitting next to my TV and that is the most important bit of all.