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Armoured Core 4 Gameplay Vid

You can watch the entire 1st mission from the Japanese version of Armoured Core 4 over at GameTrailers. You can check it out for yourselves below and although I’m not sure if it’s the PS3 version or the 360 version, it hasn’t exactly blown my socks off.

Firstly it’s a little dark. OK, that could probably be sorted by messing around with your TV settings but it’s a gripe nonetheless. Secondly, although there’s a lot going on action wise, I’m still not too happy with the fogging that’s being used in the distance. Maybe I’m wanting too much too soon but that type of cheap trick used to hide poor draw distance should be left with the PS2/Xbox/GameCube. Mercenaries 2 claims to do away with fogging in that manner (we shall see if it’s true) and that’s the type of graphical improvements I want from the next-gen.

Lastly, with all the carnage that is being unleashed how come the buildings are seemingly invincible and the bridge looks like it’s been freshly painted with the toughest paint in the entire Universe! Come on people, the surrounding areas should reflect what’s going on in the game. The road doesn’t even have any scorch marks!

Oh yeah and I calculated 23secs for the first mission to load. If that’s the case for every mission then that’s going to ruing the flow of the game. One of my pet hates in gaming is load screens and anything that takes more than 5secs to load is pushing my patience.

I know, all that is based on watching the first mission but it doesn’t fill me with optimism that AC4 is going to be a big step up from the previous gen games in the series. I’m expecting a lot more than what’s on show and I will probably have to wait 1 or 2 years down the line to see the improvements that I’m expecting from the next gen.

Armoured Core 4 HD Gameplay Vid