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MotorStorm Dust Bowl

There’s a new gameplay video of MotorStorm that you can watch just below this writing (you’ve probably already watched it before even reading a word I’ve written) courtesy of GameTrailers:

I’m definitely getting MotorStorm when I finally get a PS3! Not only does it look great visually, it just screams fun especially in multiplayer (hopefully the online mode will be present and correct in the Western version).

One of the highlights for me was when the guy/girl driving the quad bike almost went the wrong way losing valuable time in the process. I’ve done that countless times in racing games and it never fails to embarrass me. It made me smile seeing someone else make the same mistake.

Another bit of the vid that stood out for me was the jump over the gap in the canyon. I’m scared of heights (no laughing!!) and it made my stomach churn at the visual representation of just making a jump where you could plummet 100 feet if you misjudged the jump or weren’t going fast enough.

Quality stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands on MotorStorm and the dirt bikes!! 😀

MotorStorm Dust Bowl Gameplay Video