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Motorstorm gets rev-viewed

That is, by a considerable margin, one of the worst puns I have ever created!

Anyway, I feel it is the best way to explain that the Japanese version of Motorstorm has been given a full review at Eurogamer. Thankfully they seem to come to the conclusion that Motorstorm is a case of how going back to basics can still be getting it right. As I myself thought when trialling the title at 3rooms, Motorstorm is to the PS3 what SSX was to the PS2. An early fun, cool title that introduces you to what your new hardware can really do. The comparisons do not end their either, a very good thing. Take risks and reap the rewards if you meet with success, enjoy the satisfaction of risking it all in the last 100 meters of the race to gain that extra place… Simply, it is fun. They finish by awarding this, the Japanese version, an impressive 8/10.

There is also a rather amusing preview video on GameTrailers:

The ending is classic. 😆

Motorstom Online

Finally, as if you had not had your Motorstorm fix for the day, IGN has the first pictures of both Motorstorm’s online and night modes. The online mode will cater for 15 competitors. After my concern that the Japanese game might well have been pretty much finished I am delighted to see that Evolution Studios are going all out to bring further features to what will become one of the biggest games of the first half of 2007.

Eurogamer’s Motorstorm review