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Revised List of Forthcoming PS3 Games

IGN has updated their list of PS3 games due out in North America. January is a quiet month with just flOw (Jan 15th) and Sonic The Hedgehog (Jan 30th) due for release. February picks up a bit with Calling All Cars (Feb 5th), F.E.A.R. (Feb 13th), Bladestorm (Feb 14th), Fatal Inertia (Feb 14th), Virtua Fighter 5 (Feb 20th), The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Feb 26th) and MotorStorm (Feb 27th) all due out next month.

No fewer than 19 games are scheduled for release during March in North America while European gamers should (we had better!) be preparing to get our hands on the PS3. These are Major League Baseball (March 5th), Medal of Honor: Airborne (March 6th), GRAW2 (March 6th), Def Jam: Icon (March 6th), College Hoops 2K7 (March 6th), Heavenly Sword (March 6th), Eye of Judgment (March 6th), SingStar (March 6th), Formula 1: Championship Edition (March 6th) NBA Street Homecourt (March 6th), Splinter Cell Double Agent (March 13th), Armoured Core 4 (March 20th), Virtua Tennis 3 (March 20th), The Godfather (March 20th), Rainbow Six: Vegas (March 20th), Burnout 5 (March 27th), Haze (March 30th), Coded Arms Assault (March 30th) and Golden Axe (March 30th).

Now despite IGN’s weird UK release date list, which makes no sense to me at all, I’m going to guess two things. Firstly the PS3 will launch in Europe on March 9th. Why? Because in order for Sony to meet their 6m worldwide PS3s shipped target by the end of March, it has to be on shelves pretty early during March in order to give them more time to increase supply to all regions during that month. Secondly there are a lot of titles due for release on March 6th (a Tuesday) so that’s why I think the PS3 will be released on March 9th (a Friday) in Europe with a wide selection of titles alongside it.

This is nothing more than a wild guess based on my own insane logic but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m right.

Revised List of Forthcoming PS3 Games