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A Lie Too Far

I went into my local GameStation store today to enquire about when they would be taking pre-orders for the PS3. You may think that there’s nothing remarkable about that, but the response I got was not the response you’d expect.

Instead of answering my question with a proper intelligent answer I was greeted with the response “Why do you want that piece of rubbish?”. That was bad enough but the store manager then chipped in with this little beauty “It won’t make the March launch anyway. It’s been delayed again until September because it’s crap!” That was his actual response, I kid you not.

I’m not the only person that has had this response from this particular store. A number of my work colleagues have made similar enquires and have been met with similar lies and blatant anti-Sony rubbish.

A friend of mine went in to buy a PSP and was told he shouldn’t get it because it’s the worst gaming device ever made and he would be better off getting an Xbox 360.

On top of this, I’m constantly being asked if it’s true that the PS3 has been delayed and I keep reiterating that the PS3 is still on schedule for the March launch. When I ask who’s been telling them this they all always say GameStation.

Today was the final straw. I will no longer buy any product from any GameStation store in future. 3 of my friends have said the same thing as well and 2 of them aren’t even big fans of the PS3 but will get one, just not from GameStation.

I’ve sent an email of complaint to GameStation, mentioning these past instances of a company seemingly intent on losing custom due to a minority of biased staff members.

I can understand GameStation trying to sell as many Xbox 360s before the PS3 launches, but for their staff members to tell blatant lies to potential customers is ridiculous. I may know better to believe their rubbish but the average parent on the street wouldn’t know any better.

Well done GameStation you’ve lost yourself a number of customers who spend quite a bit of money in your store, due to biased staff members spouting lies and absolute rubbish. They might not care and won’t even notice, but I’m not going to continue to give my money to a store that hires staff members who blatantly try to use underhanded tactics to sell the Xbox 360. If people want it they will buy it. They don’t need to spread lies and spout utter garbage in order to make a sale when they don’t gain anything from it.

*EDIT: I’ve just emailed Sony Europe but I’ll be surprised if I get a response from either Sony or GameStation.