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Call of Duty 3: Headquarters

Last night I started up my PS3 and decided to play some Call of Duty 3. I found it a little annoying to see only “Battle” (deathmatch) games available. However, the problem was that I had set the search to ANY, and it only displays a limited number of results, which I think is stupid. It should display everything you ask for. Anyway, when I search for a game of headquarters, I found about 5 of them and dove in.

I don’t think everyone knows how to play Headquarters. I was often the first person to the radio, even after hoofing it across the whole map. Even then, sometimes I’d have to wait a bit before anyone would arrive, either friend or foe. This is not how it’s supposed to work, so I’ll explain Headquarters mode for those of you who are new to Call of Duty.

Your Goal in CoD3 Headquarters

Your goal is to establish a headquarters for your team, and hold it for as long as possible. When it is destroyed or the time for the headquarters runs out, you establish another headquarters and defend it. If the other team establishes a headquarters before yours does, your goal is to destroy it. Once destroyed, you want to set up your own headquarters next, if possible.

How to get Points in CoD3 Headquarters

Your team gets one point for every second that it has a headquarters established. Each headquarters only has a limited amount of time before it runs out – I think it’s 90 seconds, but I’m not sure. In Call of Duty 2 on the PC, it was 120 seconds, but it seemed shorter than that last night. So if you establish a headquarters, and defend it until it runs out, you get 90 points.

You also get ten points for destroying an enemy headquarters. So if you establish a headquarters and the enemy destroys it in less than 10 seconds, you’re in the hole. So, at the minimum, you have to defend your headquarters for at least 10 seconds in order to get ahead.

CoD3 Headquarters Gameplay

When you first enter the game, and also after a headquarters has been successfully defended or destroyed, there’s a 15 second lull. During this time you have no clear objective, because there is no radio to go after, and no headquarters to defend or destroy. But that does not mean that you have nothing to do. It’s a good idea for your team to spread out across the map, so that when the radio does appear, one of you will be nearby to establish a headquarters as quickly as possible.

After the 15 second lull, a radio appears at a random location on the map. This radio will become the headquarters for your team or for the opposing team, depending on who gets to it first and can establish a headquarters there first.

How do you establish a headquarters? That’s simple enough. You have to stand near the radio. A progress bar will appear indicating your progress in establishing the headquarters. If you leave the radio’s area and come back, you’ll have to start all over again. If you have more than one person in the radio’s area, then it will establish quicker. Once established, you have to defend the headquarters from being destroyed. Move to an easily defended location near the headquarters. You do not necessarily have to see the headquarters from where you’re defending, because if an enemy is trying to destroy it, you’ll see the destruction progress meter on your display. Then you can go to the headquarters and deal with him before he can finish destroying it. When defending, all of your team members should be near the headquarters to help you defend it.

The only time you don’t want to establish a headquarters right away is if there are too many enemies nearby, and you think they would destroy it within 10 seconds of it being established.

How do you destroy an enemy headquarters? The same way you establish a headquarters. You stand near it. A progress bar will come up, indicating your progress in destroying the headquarters. If you leave the headquarters’ area and come back, you’ll have to start all over again. If you have more than one person in the headquarters’ area, then it will be destroyed quicker.

After the headquarters is defended or destroyed, the lull period begins again before another radio appears. Rinse and repeat.

Headquarters is more strategic than team battle, but a lot faster to play than capture the flag. I find that it’s a great balance between the two. I like headquarters a lot, and I’d have to say it’s my favourite Call of Duty 3 online mode.