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Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Update

FFXIII Image Scan 1The latest issue of Famitsu has spoken to FF XIII director, Motome Toriyama, and FFXIII Versus director, Tetsuya Nomura, and both have revealed some new info about both games, which are part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games.

Most of the new info explains what went on in the extended Jump trailer, which I posted here. Firstly we know that the female, possible, lead character is called Lightning, although this is not her real name and even she doesn’t know what her real name is. She is however well versed in hand to hand combat, swordplay, magic and handy with guns. So a pushover then. Finding out who she really is will form a part of the storyline but she was known to be a high ranking official of an unknown organization. Now however, she has been singled out as an enemy of all of mankind who will apparantley bring devastation to the world.FFXIII Image Scan 2

In the trailer Lightning is aided by an unknown character who rides in on a motorbike and in a strange twist, the bike is actually Shiva, normally an Ice based Summon creature in previous FF games. She is part of a sister pair, with each sister made up of bike parts. 😕 Although it’s unconfirmed, you may be able to ride Shiva during battle and as a way to travel the vast world outside of battle.

The world of FFXIII is split into two areas, Cocoon and Pulse. Cocoon is a space colony home to millions of people while Pulse is everything outside of it. Anybody that comes into contact with Pulse are immediately classed as enemies of Cocoon and are either forced to leave it’s protection or quarantined, by the “holy” government and the army that ‘protects’ Cocoon. Cocoon’s protection is made possible by crystals, which can create machines and living creatures to aid their everyday lives. FFXIII Image Scan 3

FFXIII Versus is just as fantastical in it’s plot and characters (this is a good thing), but more action orientated. The crystals in Versus are only found in the lead character’s home country, which has been going through a long ‘cold war’. Peace seems to have been agreed however, with agreement being reached on a peaceful method of using the crystals. Nothing is mentioned about who the opposing factions are or what the crystals can actually do.

It seems as though the main character’s eye and hair colour will change depending on his actions. His eyes are red during battle and his hair flashes white when he’s on the move. There will more than likely be more colour changes depending on his actions although nothing has been confirmed.

During battle your character will be able to switch between a number of different weapons to defeat the hordes of enemies that get in your way, with different weapons having different attributes to aid in you in both offensive and defensive moves. Expect these weapons to be customisable to a certain extent.

Finally we should see both FFXIII and Versus running on PS3 hardware at some point this year, probably at TGS ’07. I can’t wait to see these games in action. I haven’t really taken much notice of Versus so far but now I’m starting to get a little excited about both games.

FFXIII and Versus Famitsu Scans

FFXIII and Versus Update

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