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Destroying Buildings in Mercenaries 2

I was checking out the Mercenaries 2 website and noticed a new diary piece from Pandemic’s Environmental Artist named Jason. He talks about the different ways you can destroy a building, even wrecking each building piece by piece.

In Mercs 2 buildings now can be destroyed piece by piece. So if you blow off a section of a building with an RPG, or other explosive, the interior of the neighboring section is now exposed. The section you just destroyed switches to its ruin state which includes debris chucks and rubble scattered everywhere. The sections that weren’t affected by the explosion remain intact.

Also, signs and other types of attachments and props can be shot off of an exterior or interior, which adds another element to the realism. It’s really awesome how each building has a lot of different variations of how it can be destroyed.

Sounds awesome to me. Here you can see a drawing of the different ways you can damage a building and the effects it has on the remaining parts:

Mercs 2 Building Art

There’s also strong rumours about Mercenaries 2’s future with some people claiming it’s going to be a 360 exclusive or at least released for both the PS3 and 360. Personally I don’t care as long as it’s released on PS3 as the first game was a lot of fun and I’m expecting more of the same but on a far grander scale from Mercenaries 2.

Mercenaries 2 Artist Diary