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Fight Diseases with your PS3

Folding@Home is a project Sony was talking about last year before the PS3 launch:

A PlayStation3 with the Folding@home client installed and enabled by the owner will connect to the Folding@home network when the PLAYSTATION3 is powered on but not used. […] The application, combined with a large number of contributing PLAYSTATION3 devices, will significantly accelerate the protein folding simulation process and therefore enable faster and more detailed medical research.

The Folding@home client features an advanced user interface that utilizes the PLAYSTATION3 RSX graphics engine to visualize the simulation process. Users can view the protein as it “folds” in a 3D space. It is possible to rotate, zoom or move the users viewpoint in realtime. Various display modes and sound effects are available.

Where is this software for the PS3? I would love to help out! 🙂 Still no news about when it will be available. But hopefully it’s available soon.

I did contact Folding@Home & SCEA Research & Development regarding when this will be available for the PS3. I’ll let you know if I get a response from them. If you want to contact them, here are the contact pages.

SCEA Research & Development – Contact
Folding@Home – Contact

Folding@Home on the PS3