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Got My PS3! First Impresssions…

I just got my PS3 and I love it!

My favorite things so far:

  • The hardware The system is beautiful, has a lot of extra features, and it worked flawlessly. I played a variety of games and used at least a dozen different system features and never hit a significant glitch.
  • Online content There are lots of free demos worth trying and a nice starter selection of casual game content. Lemmings is a great remake of a classic with very nice graphics and polish. And it’s only $6.
  • Resistance Wow, this game was even better than I expected. It is definitely derivative. There are many obvious similarities to games like Half Life 2, and it fits into a very well established game formula, but overall, Resistance is the most well polished game in its genre.
  • Controller I love it. The wireless is flawless, the analog sticks are much improved, the triggers are great, and the accelerometer functionality has lots of potential.

My personal PS3 wish list:

  • Enhanced Digital Jukebox Adding iTunes-like digital jukebox functionality to living room consoles is great. However, the PS3’s jukebox functionality seemed very limited compared to iTunes. I want to be able to make custom playlists, sort/search by a dozen different criteria, and import album art. The music visualizer is pretty cool (I know, most people are sick of those).
  • Rip SACDs This probably will never happen due to legal issues, but if you could combine the quality and features of SACDs with the convenience of digital jukeboxes, that would be a huge plus. Honestly, if someone could offer digital music downloads with increased fidelity and multi-channel mix support, that would work also.
  • Force Feedback Steering Wheel Support
  • More Content The next few months will be great