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PS3 to Hit Europe March 23rd?

Tom recently mentioned that Sony are rumoured to make an announcement by the end of January about the PS3’s European release date, and all signs seem to point to a March 23rd/30th release date.

A spokesperson for advertising agency TBWA, who will be handling the UK advertising campaign, told that advertising won’t begin until the second half of March. I would’ve thought any advertising campaign would begin before the product hits retailer’s shelves, to make as many people as possible aware of the PS3’s imminent arrival.

If the advertising campaign doesn’t begin until the end of March does this mean the PS3 won’t hit Europe until the 30th of March or even the first week of April, at the earliest? According to an unnamed retail source the smart money is on March 23rd.

This is still just speculation but it seems we have around 2 weeks to wait until Sony finally reveals (hopefully) the info I’ve been waiting so long to know.

PS3 to Hit Europe March 23rd?