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Burnout 5 gets previewed

Burnout 5Criterion Games have something of a reputation to maintain. Quickly rising to fame on the back of the Burnout series, Criterion became rather renowned for being able to get the most from the complicated PlayStation 2. The best evidence of this comes from the ubiquity of their Renderware engine, used in everything from Grand Theft Auto 3 to Sonic Heroes. When you want to know who will get the best out of Sony hardware, Criterion’s team has to be high on your list. recently got the chance to visit Criterion’s studios and have a look out how the fifth Burnout is shaping up. The Criterion guys come across as confident that they will be able to show people that this is the next-gen and deliver a “wow” factor; naturally the key to that in Burnout is making the crashes appear even more alarming. By using the Cell processor to divide up tasks Criterion hope to truly bring Burnout 5 to life, with physics, audio, AI and graphics running smoothly together and not directly competing for the same resources. The whole experience sound bigger and better with levels of detail massively increased in all forms.

The environment has had a complete reworking too, with Criterion joining the “One enormous level” mind-set and ditching the track lay-outs. They believe that theirs is the biggest driving world in gaming, with it taking 6 minutes to drive from one side of the map to the other.

There are certain elements I’m not so keen on though. “Driving under the influence boost”? You may be asking for trouble there Criterion. Still, it does sound like Criterion are using the same approach with the PS3 as they used with PS2… which can only be a good thing in the long run! The game should be out around June.

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