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Hideo Kojima Talks MGS4

The guys over at Game Pro recently got the chance to interview Hideo Kojima and what an interview it is! There’s a lot of cool stuff revealed by Hideo-san and it’s a little emotional if I’m going to be honest. You”ll find out when you read that bit. 😥

Here are some of the best bits:

GP: We were looking at various influences and inspirations to the storylines. Have any of the recent events in the Middle East inspired the storyline in MGS 4?

Kojima: The Middle East is just an entry to the storyline, and this time Snake travels all around the world, so it’s not necessarily just the Middle East.

GP: Let’s switch to gameplay. It seems that in MGS4, you’re hiding out in the open versus hiding around corners and behind objects. Are the enemies smart enough to look in the obvious places where Snake might be camouflaged?

Kojima: This is a very good question. We are ‘adjusting’ right now [laughs]. What I can say is that this will probably have more to do with enemy emotions. For instance, if an enemy is in panic mode, he will not be searching everywhere because he wants to run away. But if he’s really calm, steady, and he wants to find every hiding place…he might do that. I can say that for now.

GP: Will Snake still have his standard suite of stealth moves from the other games? Will the control scheme be familiar to fans of the series?

Kojima: Yes, with one exception. He will not face the wall [mimes the classic Snake ‘gun pose’ with his back against the wall]. That will not be in the game anymore.

GP: Good point. We were curious if MGS4 would use the motion-sensing capabilities of the PS3 Sixaxis controller, possibly to sneak a peak while hiding.

Kojima: Yes, we’ll use the motion sensor of the PS3 controller. But I cannot reveal how you use it at the moment.

GP: What was your reaction to the PS3 controller no longer have a rumble feature? Was adding motion sensing a worthy tradeoff?

Kojima: I really miss the rumble feature, and I already said to Mr. Kutaragi that I want the rumble feature back.

GP: Given Snake’s condition, is he degraded from his abilities in the last games? Perhaps in endurance, or hand-to-hand combat?

Kojima: Actually, yes. But we didn’t want to put the stress to the users…so he’s wearing a kind of muscle suit. So he can move just like he did in MGS2 or 3. But in the storyline, he’s old, and not as sharp as he was before. But in the game, he moves just like you’d expect. [Gary: 😥 ]

GP: Will swords or other hand-to-hand combat weapons be a factor for Snake?

Kojima: Yes. And you’ll be surprised by the number of weapons that he will use. And you can customize your weapons by putting attachments and upgrades on them.

GP: Is there any possibility that these customizations could be traded online or from player to player in some way?

Kojima: Yes.

GP: Is MGS4 still planned as an exclusive PS3 game? Do you have any interest in Xbox 360 development?

Kojima: Well, yes, I do have strong interest in creating something for the Xbox 360. In the US and Europe, it is selling, and I think it will sell a lot this year as well. I’m a fan of Gears of War as well, it’s very interesting.

Frankly speaking, I want to create something on the PC. It’s a multi-platform [format]. I’ve been regularly studying work on the PC anyways, and I want to provide something as a world-wide platform because of the consequences with timing on the PlayStation platforms, MGS4 is actually for the PS3 only so far.

GP: Obviously, the E3 trailer hinted at a 2007 release date. Are you shooting for a release at the end of the year, or the summer?

Kojima: We don’t know, because the guy who said 2007 was Raiden, and not me. [laughter]

Man, there’s some interesting stuff in there. Snake travelling the world, customisable weapons that you could trade online, Hideo wanting rumble back (a lot of people do) and MGS4 is still a PS3 exclusive “so far”. I highly recommend you read the full interview over at GamePro, it’s a great read. Oh yeah, and there’s no way MGS4 will be released this year, in my humble opinion. 🙁

Hideo Kojima Talks MGS4