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Calling All Cars Preview

Following David Jaffe’s refreshing interview with 1up’s Luke Smith, the same guy previews Calling All Cars and it seems it’s coming along great. Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first. It runs quite comfortably at 60fps in 1080p during 4 player skirmishes and it supports split screen multiplayer (yay for Henning!). The online side of things hasn’t been nailed yet as Incognito is waiting to see what’s in the next major firmware update that is rumoured to be happening sometime this March.

With just 4 levels to play through and 3 weapons at your disposal, you’d think Calling All Cars would lack substance, well apparantley not. Although your goal is relatively simple; catch a criminal that has escaped from jail and use one of your 3 weapons to eliminate the other players before returning the perp back to jail, it sounds as though it’s been executed well. Check out a trailer from below:

That is quite frankly, brilliant stuff! I love the music and sound effects, and there’s no doubt that it will be absolutely chaotic stuff with 3 of your friends round or via online multiplayer. I’ll be buying it, there’s no doubt about that.

I also recommend you check out David Jaffe’s blog as there’s an interesting IM discussion, about “game theory”, between David Jaffe and a guy who is working on GoW2. It’s great stuff and gives you an insight into David Jaffe’s gaming philosophy (if that makes sense).

David Jaffe’s Blog Previews Calling All Cars
Calling All Cars Trailer
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