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CoD3 Frustration

Last night I had what must have been one of my most frustrating game sessions playing Call of Duty 3 on my PS3. First off, there were only 2 people online playing Headquarters. You can’t play with just two people. This has been a trend recently – fewer and fewer people playing my favourite mode – Headquarters. Don’t people realize how awesome it is?

Then, I played some other games and always ended up somehow on the losing side. I also encountered some team killers, which is never fun. And once I blasted a guy with my shotgun four times in a row from about two meters away and he didn’t die. That’s was quite frustrating. Just because I know it was probably due to lag doesn’t help my frustration level.

And last of all, I’m starting to get tired of dying without seeing my killer. Playing CoD2 at work on a network of PC’s, I usually know who killed me. Either I saw them actually fire the weapon, or the red dot shows up on my radar showing me where my probable killer was. Playing on my PS3, at least half the time I have no idea who killed me, which is very frustrating.